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ars-imago 41 Color Negative Film Developer C41 260ml

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ars-imago 41 Color Negative Film Developer C41 260ml


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Nuovo sviluppo C-41 delle pellicole a colori.

If you have already developed the 12 films indicated as a limit on the KIT datasheet, you can keep developing!

All you have to do is purchasing the single bottle of developer to DOUBLE the original KIT's capacity. In fact, the KIT is composed by Developer, Bleach, Fixer and Stabilizer, but only the Developer ends its capacity after 12 films. The other components can still be used.

That's what you can do adding the single Developer bottle to the KIT: you can keep using the chemicals for approximately other 12 films, completing the capacity of the KIT.

This avoids wasting chemicals and uses the whole potential of the KIT.


Main features

  • Develop up to double the films
  • Cheaper than buying 2 KITs
  • No waste of chemicals

Instructions (come with the KIT)

The ars-imago41 developer can be used with the KIT, as said.


  • Dev 260ml + 740ml water= 1L
  • Bleach (Stock) 1000ml = 1L ready to use (in the KIT)
  • Fix (Stock) 1000ml = 1L ready to use (in the KIT)
  • Stab (Stock) 1000ml = 1L ready to use (in the KIT)



Other indications:

  • For the development process and the results to be even, read and carefully follow the instructions listed in the KIT's technical datasheet. We recommend to develop at least 2-4 films at a time for a better efficiency.
  • Respect the stocking and conservation times of the chemicals, listed in the datasheet and use the solutions before the expiracy date. You can double the KIT's capacity when used within 5 weeks.
  • To double the KIT's capacity, the Stabilizer can be used as just a final treatment and not as a wash.
  • From the 13th film on, increase the fix times from 2'00" to 2'30"



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