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Rollei Superpan 200 Black and White Negative Film 35mm 36 exposures

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Rollei Superpan 200 Black and White Negative Film 35mm 36 exposures


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    Rollei Superpan 200  is a black-and-white negative panchromatic film.

    It is characterized by a spectral sensitivity very close to infrared (up to 750nm). It makes it possible to record information even in haze, fog or other atmospheric conditions that can impair image quality. These features also make it suitable for particular fields of application such as industrial photography, aerial photography.

    • Excellent contrast and excellent recording capability
    • Short exposure times that reduce blurring
    • More closed apertures for greater sharpness
    • Ability to shoot even in unfavorable weather conditions
    • Excellent detail quality, even in areas of low light or shadow
    • Excellent for storage, excellent dimensional stability over time


    • TOC (Target Object Contrast) 1000:1= 181 lp/mm or 362 dots/mm.
    • TOC 1.6:1 = 51 lp/mm or 102 dots/mm.

    Notes: this film should be loaded into the camera and removed under dimmed light conditions. Store both before and after exposure in the black light-tight protective container to prevent seepage that could damage the frames.

    The Rollei SUPERPAN 200 PRO is identical to the Agfa Aviphot Pan 200. This film is manufactured by Agfa-Gevaert in Mortsel / Belgium and packaged by MACO in Germany as Rollei SUPERPAN 200 PROF.


    You can consult our collection of datasheets for more details and instructions for use.

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