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Ilford Multigrade FB 5K Satin 24x30.5 50 Sheets

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Ilford Multigrade FB 5K Satin 24x30.5 50 Sheets


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Brand: Ilford

 Ilford MULTIGRADE FB Classic is a variable contrast paper with high quality characteristics. The image shade is neutral when the print is viewed in daylight or fluorescent light. MULTIGRADE FB Classic is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and is fully compatible with MULTIGRADE filters and printing equipment. Suitable for printing all black and white films.


  • Weight: 255g/m2
  • Fiber base
  • Available with glossy (1K) and matte (5K) surface
  • Available in neutral tone and warm tone

New features compared with Ilford MULTIGRADE IV FB:

  • Reduced processing times: image appears in about 20 sec.
  • More uniform tone separation and improved image sharpness
  • Even wider tonal range
  • Reduction of wash time by about 50%.
  • Reduction in exposure time


Any enlarger is suitable for display. It can be used with common security lights for black and white printing papers. The use of ILFORD security lights is recommended, as they are very bright but completely safe and can be used for both ILFORD papers and many other black and white papers. Under direct lighting, do not expose the card for more than 4 minutes to the security light and maintain a minimum distance from the light of 1.2m/4ft.

Development: the Ilford MGFB Classic can be treated in any development for black and white photographic paper. Follow the directions in the data sheets for treatment times and dilutions of chemistries.

Stop bath: the use of a stopping bath is strongly recommended. Such a bath immediately stops development, reduces the risk of staining and will prolong the life of the fixing bath.

Fixing: can be treated in any paper fixing. For treatment times and dilutions, follow the directions in the data sheets of the fastener used. Do not extend the treatment time beyond that recommended, so as not to compromise image quality.

Washing: wash prints in running water for 30-45 minutes. It is possible to reduce the washing time in running water to 5 minutes, using Ilford WASHAID (see times in table).

The recommended fixing and washing standards allow for stable prints over time that can meet commercial conditions. If a higher state of stability is required for archiving, it is recommended to use Ilford WASHAID to optimize washing. To further increase a paper can be treated with selenium toning (see tables)

Storage: store unexposed paper in its original packaging, away from light and heat sources, in a dry place with little moisture. Properly stored paper can be used for at least 2 years

Note: Photographic chemicals are not hazardous when used properly. Always follow the safety recommendations on the package.


You can consult our collection of data sheets for more in-depth information and instructions for use.

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