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ars-imago LAB-BOX Daylight Tank di sviluppo per pellicole 35mm

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ars-imago LAB-BOX Daylight Tank di sviluppo per pellicole 35mm


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    Brand: Lab-box


    LAB-BOX is a multiformat tank that allows you to develop film without need for darnkess, from start to finish of the developing process.

    Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and to the multiformat reel, the tank can be used to develop both 35mm and 120 medium format film.



    • Universal and Modular: with just one tank you can develop both 120 and 135 formats, simply changing the dedicated module
    • Compact and Portatile: easily portable in bags and any kind of backpacks thanks to its dimensions
    • Easy and quick: you can load and develop films without needing to be in the dark, with a simple, intuitive process
    • Versatile e Professional: perfect for those who are starting to develop on their own, but also useful to meet the needs of semi pros and professionals thanks to the different processes it allows 




    • The 135 Module has a designed space in which you have to insert and lock the 35mm roll.
      The film gets then clipped and, after closing the lid, rotating the external knob it's automatically loaded in the internal reel. Once the loading is done, a blade cuts the final part of the film and you're ready to start developing.
    • The 120 Module has two compartments: first the roll is positioned on the upper part of the module, and, after closing the lid, the protection paper can be peeled off. Automatically the film gets loaded in the second internal lightproof compartment. The lid can be opened, the film can be clipped and, once having closed the lid, you can proceed to the loading of the film thanks to the external knob .


    You can choose to use continuous agitation (recommended) or intermittent one.
     The tank can be filled up to half of its capacity (290ml) if you decide to proceed with a continuous agitation, or you can completely fill the tank (490ml) if you choose to have an intermittent agitation. You can also experiment with other agitation modalities.



      Once the liquids are poured in the tank, you can proceed with the agitation rotating the external knob or crank, that will rotate the internal reel. A correct agitation is pivotal to get homogenous results.



    LAB-BOX is an ars-imago project. Design and prototipe have been curated in Rome, Italy.
    Following a careful test and revision process, we could optimize the LAB-BOX final dimensions, simplifying the tank's structure as much as we could, so that a resistant yet easy to use product could be created. Our specialized team has worked on technical projects for months creating many 3D models and prototypes thanks to modern technologies.


    For further info, check out the LAB-BOX website

    Video Tutorials
    User Manual 



    These films can't be loaded in the LAB-BOX 120 Module and can be difficult to be clipped in the LAB-BOX 135 Module:


    JCH 400

    Kodak Gold 200 120

    Rollei Infrared

    Rollei 80s

    Rollei Superpan 200

    Rollei 400s

    Fomapan 100

    Fomapan 200

    Fomapan 400

    Bergger 400 120

    CatLABS X FILM ISO 80 120

    Arista film

    Astrum film

    Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100


    For further information check our technical datasheet library

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