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Pictorico OHP Film A3+ (32,9cm x 48,3cm) 20 sheets


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Pictorico — Transparent Film

Pictorico transparent films meet the most stringent quality requirements for prepress film and screen printing. At the same time, they are highly cost-efficient, making them ideal for volume use. Featuring Pictorico's advanced crystal coating on polyester-based film, these superb films deliver high resolution output and excellent transport stability. Compatible with both dye and pigment inkjets, they deliver high D-max (maximum color density) and sharply defined ink dot reproduction. Moreover, superior water resistance and image durability ensure outstanding storage stability.

OHP Transparency Film

Create great first impressions. Putting together an important presentation? Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film delivers crisp, easy-to-read text, brilliant, non-smear colors, and water-resistant images that enhance your visual display. Interested in making platinum/palladium prints with OHP Transparency Film? Learn more about how world-renowned digital photographer Dan Burkholder uses OHP Transparency Film to make contact prints. Dan Burkholder's "Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing" remains the definitive resource for photographers who want to combine the new technologies with classic printing methods. Try his new technique of using our Photo Gallery Hi-Gloss White Film as a digital negative for printing on silver gelatin paper.

Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film

Holds 25% more ink than prior OHP version
Excellent compatibility with Epson K3 inks
Thickness: 145 μm
More milky than prior OHP version
Recommended for film positives and negatives for screen/flexo printing and contact prints.

Storage and Use

  • Avoid touching the printable surface of the paper. Handle it by the edges.
  • Before storing and stacking your prints, waiting the time needed to dry completely.
  • Store unused sheets in their packaging and in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing paper in humid and very hot or direct sunlight.

Madia loading

  • Single sheet feeding is recommended
  • Always refer to your printer's manual to verify correct loading. Make sure that the printable side is oriented properly in the sheet feeder.

Printable side

  • Keep the sheet vertically, with the nocht on the top right, as illustrated.







Printer settings

  • Set the media type and print mode setting using your installation software. Generally the highest quality resolution produces the best results. Make test.
  • Refer to the instruction manual for your printer.

Water resistance

  • Pictorico's molecular structure creates a printing surface that is highly resistant to water.



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