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IMAGO 320 Black & White Film - 120


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IMAGO 320 is a Black and White Film nominally rated at ISO 320 speed.
It can be used both indoor and outdoor wth different light conditions.

IMAGO 320 is a fine grain film with a very high sharpness and a wide exposure latitude.
It is a panchromatic film, coated on acetate base and compatible with most of available developers.

  • ISO 320, pushable up to ISO 800
  • Fine Grain
  • High Sharpness
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Available in 135 and 120 format

Why ISO 320?

According to our tests with most developments, 320 ISO is the nominal sensitivity of the film, which returns a correct and wide tonal range. This conveys higher detail in shadows and a very fine grain. With some developments, it can be pushed up to 800 ISO.

The 320 ISO selector is between 200 and 400. Otherwise you can set it at 400 ISO and over-expose by half stop.

Is it a new film?
No, it is not a new emulsion, but it is a film that is not presently on the market. We have used an existing emulsion, tested and studied it in order to determine which ISO and development times guarantee the best results.

Why should I buy Imago 320?
Because it is a great black and white film at a competitive price. By using and developing it according to our suggestions, you get excellent results. It is also particularly suitable to be developed also with Monobath.




The following developing times are guidelines, please use these recommendations as starting points only.

Standard Temperature: 20°C / 68°F
Standard Agitation: continuous for the first 30 seconds and then 10 seconds every minute.


Developer Dilution ISO Time
ars-imago FD 1+39 320 8.30
  // 200 7
  // 640 10
ars-imago Monobath Stock 400 8
Caffenol Kit Stock 320 11
Bergger Berspeed 1+1 320 10.30
Rodinal R09 1+25 320 10
  1+50 320 18
Ilford ID-11 Stock 320 7
  1+1 320 11.30
Ilford Microphen Stock 320 6
  1+1 320 11
Kodak D-76 Stock 320 7
  1+1 320 12
Kodak HC-110 B (1+31) 320 5.5
Kodak T-Max 1+4 320 6
Kodak X-Tol Stock 320 8
  1+1 320 10

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