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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
When will I receive Lab-Box?
The estimated delivery date is from September 2018. Please check our Terms and Conditions

Why should I pre-order Lab-Box?
- This is the only way to get Lab-Box by summer 2018: the official distribution will start on fall 2018.
- You have discounts on all Lab-Box accessories and many ars-imago products.

Which payment methods are accepted?
You can pay via Paypal or with a credit-debit card.

Which countries are you shipping to?
We ship to almost all countries in the world:
Please check our Delivery Terms

Why am I not allowed to buy a chemical product?
We cannot ship some chemical products outside Europe.
If you live outside EU and try to add one of these products to your basket, during checkout they will be removed and you will see a red message: Attention: because of the shipping country you have selected, some products have been removed from your cart!
Only Monobath can be shipped to USA, Canada e some Asian countries.

How long can Lab-Box be purchased on the pre-sale site?
The pre-sale is open until January 31st 2017.

Can I pick up the products I ordered in the shops in Rome and Zurich?
Yes, it is possible, but shipping costs are applied anyway.

Can I order a product on this website without waiting for Lab-Box delivery?
If you live outside Europe, it is not possible.
If you live in Europe, it is possible and you can do it on

if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:





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