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Rollei RPX 100 135mm x 30,5m

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Rollei RPX 100 135mm x 30,5m


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    ROLLEI RPX 100

    A) Description:

    Traditional medium speed black and white film.

    A good choice for a variety of photographic and scientific applications.

    Portrait, nature, architecture and product photography.

    Key properties:

    • General indoor and outdoor photography applications.
    • Fine grain.
    • Enables good sharpness.
    • Broad tonal range with good contrast.
    • Broad exposure latitude.
    • Compatible with many developers.
    • Panchromatic sensitised.
    • Sensitised from 380 to 660 nm at 2.850K

    B) Availability:

    In 135 size on a 0.120 mm acetate base.

    In 120 size on a 0.102 mm acetate base.

    135-24 + 135-36: 2 rolls packed in light-tight and high class twin packs. 35 mm long rolls on core.

    120: 1 roll in light-tight and high class roll film container.

    Sheetfilm is not available.

    C) Storage and Handling:

    Load and unload your camera in subdued light.

    The expiry dates according to a storage at 18°C / 64.4°F and standard humidity.

    Storage in the fridge at 8°C / 46.4°F doubled the expiry date.

    To freeze and storage the film at –18° / -0.4°F the life time can be about 10 years.

    For best results, process film as soon as possible after exposure.

    Please avoid storage temperatures more than 40°C / 104°F.

    D) Lighting Conditions:

    Light Sand, Snow, Bright Sun Lens Opening f/16 Shutter speed 1/250

    Bright Sun Lens Opening f/11 Shutter speed 1/250

    Hazy Sun Lens Opening f/8 Shutter speed 1/125

    Overcast Lens Opening f/8 Shutter speed 1/125

    Heavy Overcast Lens Opening f/5,6 Shutter speed 1/125

    E) Filter-Factors:

    RPX can be used with all standard types of filters. (No infrared – For this applications Rollei-Film offers

    superpancromatic films). Filter manufacturers do usually indicate what correction factor will be needed.

    F) Safelight:

    Handle unprocessed film in total darkness. Using a safelight will affect your results.

    An exception are spezial infrared filters, used for film production. (manufacturer on request)

    G) Processing:

    Factory speed has to be determined international in combination with Kodak D-76 developer.

    This is no recommendation, it is in order to make the different emulsions of the different producers comparable.

    Developers like Ilford Microphen doubeled the factory speed without loss of quality.

    Developers like Rollei RLS or Ilford Perceptol increases the quality of tonal range significant.

    This will affect the rated speed. In this case, RPX rated at 50 ISO.

    Per approfondimenti e istruzioni d'uso puoi consultare la nostra raccolta di schede tecniche.

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