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Terms of sale and of use of the site

Purchases from ars-imago international s.r.l.
It is possible to order material from ars-imago international s.r.l in the following ways:

- Acquiring via internet through our internet shop will enable you to visualize the state of the orders and to receive favourable offers.
- By mail to the address: ars-imago international s.r.l. Via Caio Mario 25 00192 Rome
- By e-mail: send an email to with the exact description of the products you want to buy. You will be contacted immediately from our staff for the confirmation of the order.

Pickup in store
It's possible to pick up the ordered products in our store at Via Caio Mario 25 in 00192 Rome during the opening times. If you wish to pickup your ordered products outside of the opening times please contact us using our contact form. An ordered not picked up for longer than 15 days may be cancelled.

Shipments to Italy
We ship to Italy depending on the weight of the parcel.
6,90 Euro for parcels up to 2 kg
9,90 Euro for parcels from 2 kg up to 10 kg
12,90 Euro for parcels from 10 kg up to 20 kg
19,90 Euro for parcels from 20 kg up to 75 kg

Shipments to special locations have a surcharge of Euro 7,00. For shipments to smaller islands the surcharge will be Euro 20,00.
We reserve us the right to apply modifications to the shipment rates for single orders that are particularly expensive to ship. The modifications to the shipment rates will be communicated after the order to the customer and it will be applied only with the consent of the buyer.
We do ship orders within 24 hours after receiving the payment. We do only ship orders when all the ordered products are on stock.

Shipments to the EU
We do ship to the countries of the EU depending on the weight of the parcel. You will see the exact amount during the checkout process.

Shipment in countries outside the EU

Customers resident outside of the EU have the possibility to place their orders at our Swiss branch (office) at this address: For complains please write directly via email to indicating the number of your order.

Modality of payment
During the order process you can choose from these payment options:

- Cash (only if pickup in store)
- PayPal (+ 5%)
- VISA (+ 5%)
- Mastercard (+ 5%)
- PostePay
- Payment in advance through bank transfer

Payment in advance through our bank account:

ars-imago international s.r.l.
Via Caio Mario 25
I-00192 Roma

Banco di Brescia
Filiale Roma 6
via Fabio Massimo 15/17
I-00192 Roma
ABI: 03500
CAB: 03206
Account number: 35894
For the benefit of: ars-imago international s.r.l.
IBAN: IT41A0311103234000000035894

Retail prices
The published retail prices include VAT but do lack the shipping prices and and be changed at any time.
The ars-imago international s.r.l has the right change the models, the description, the prices and the availability of the products without prior notice.
No warranty for any errors in the product information posted in our shop.

Rescission of an order
The sales of products via internet are disciplined from the D.Lgs law n. 185 of the 22/05/1999 that regulated the matter of contracts at a distance, that are done outside of our physical shop. Such norm sanctions the right of recess, that is the possibility for the consumer to give back the acquired product and to obtain the reimbursement. The norm previewed from DL 185 of the 22/05/1999 is applicable only to the sales for correspondence "sales at a distance". The customer has the right to send back the goods within 10 working days from the reception on condition that this is communicated preventively through registered letter with warning of reception (art. 5 c. D.L. 185/99) to our address: ars-imago international s.r.l. Via Caio Mario 25 00192 ROME. The recess right can be communicated also by means of telegram, fax or similar, within 10 working days from the reception of the goods, however also in this case, necessarily, it will have to be sent a registered letter A/R within the term of 48 hours from the first written communication. The rendered goods will be accepted only on condition that the products are in integral packing, adequately sealed with confection and integral content and complete. The shipment risks and expenses for the substitution of the goods will be totally loaded to the customer. The reimbursement will be replaced through post check. We do not accepted returns sent by cash on delivery. This right is exclusively for physical persons (consumers), therefore it cannot be exercised from legal entities and physical persons who act for scopes of a professional activity; therefore traders and wholesalers are excluded from this law.

Usage of personal data - privacy
The usage of the data through "ars-imago international" happens in respect of the law "Protection of the person and of other subjects regarding the treatment of the personal data" (D.L.gsvo 30.6.2003 n. 196), formally known as "law on the privacy". We guarantee our customers the maximum of confidentiality: the treatment of the data is carried out exclusively to the aim of modernizations on initiatives and offerings of ars-imago international s.r.l. The customer's data will not be communicated or diffused to third parties and our customers can request anytime the modification or the cancellation of it. The customers recorded on do have a permanent right of access and modification of their own personal data, the way it is defined by the Italian laws. The customer can send any question or communication concerning the privacy to

Registering to the service of mailing list
ars-imago international sends emails for advertising scopes. The customer is able to accept or to not accept this service during the registration on our internet site. Furthermore the customer has anytime the possibility to request an interruption of this service.

Terms and conditions of use of the internet site is the web commerce platform of the ars-imago international s.r.l. for all customers who accept our terms of sale and our notes. All the classified, personal and sensitive data which is released by our customers on or are sent to an address of e-mail of the same dominion will be dealt in the respect of the enforced norms in matter of privacy.

Responsibility of customers
At the moment of registration our customers do guarantee that the supplied information is authentic, proper and exact, like demanded from the recording modules on In case the information supplied from the customer is wrong or inexact ars-imago international s.r.l will be able to suspend at any time the access to the online-shop. As accorded to the law every abuse can be persecuted.

Limitations of use of the site
ars-imago international s.r.l prohibits any action that has the scope of:

- approach through instruments software and/or hardware for the systematic recovery of information or for a fraudulent use of its contents
- reproduce any section of the site on other sites without the written approval from the society ars-imago international s.r.l.
- create links on other internet sites that head to without the written approval from the society ars-imago international s.r.l.

Moreover any use of that could constitute a penal conduct is prohibited. Every abuse can be persecuted according to the law.

Intellectual property
The whole content of the site (illustrations, descriptions, images, videos) are property of ars-imago international s.r.l. All reproductions, partial or totally, of the content of the site, for means of any process, must be explicit authorized through ars-imago international s.r.l. All the information, the contents and the software offered from our services, are protect from the Italian laws that administer the intellectual property and the copyright.

Information on the terms of sale
ars-imago international s.r.l will be able to modify or to modernize the present terms and conditions of use anytime. The customer accepts such modifications and will have therefore to visit periodically this page in order to maintain himself informed on the content of the terms and conditions of use.

Legal domicile and applicable laws
The above mentioned general business conditions and contracts are subject to Italian law. Legal domicile is Rome.

ars-imago international s.r.l.
Via Caio Mario 25
I-00192 Roma

Fon: +39 06 960 42 253

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday:
11.00 - 13.30 / 15.30 - 19.30
11.00 - 15.00

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Banco di Brescia
Filiale Roma 6
via Fabio Massimo 15/17
I-00192 Roma



Place of business
ars-imago international s.r.l.
Via Caio Mario 23/25
I-00192 Roma

Nominal capital € 20'000 i.v.
VAT: 10374041001
Codice fiscale: 10374041001
R.E.A. RM – 1228200
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