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Adox CHS 100 TYP II 135-36 film


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ADOX CHS Art film is still produced acccording to the same recipe as the original ADOX films. With this film, you can re-capture the look of the 1950s. With wonderful gray tones, high accutance and subjective sharpness, and a beautiful grain structure, ADOX brings back the great qualities that so many modern fine-grain films have sacrificed. The 25 and 50 ASA films make a clear distinction between red and blue tones, and the 100 ASA has a contact range that, in comparison to modern films, nearly excedes the Zone System when developed in Pyro developer.


This film, which was specially developed for ADOX in the 1950s, quickly became a favorite among travel and news photographers. At the time, as light meters were still a luxury, the unbelievable flexibility of the 50 and 100 ASA films was a true treasure. Users of this film today are still fans of the rich grey tones and sharpness produced by the silver-rich, single layer emulsion. Photos made with ADOX film reproduce the feeling and mood of the moment as you experienced it.


When used with a sharpness-enhancing developer, for example the ADOX APH 09, Tetenal Neofin Blau, or Agfa Rodinal, the image accutance is greatly increased. As a result of it's single-layer emulsion, light is not dispersed as much as with modern multi-layer films, giving the ADOX film a sharpness that is unsurpassed. CHS stands for Cubic Heterodispers Single-Layer, which means an emulsion with mixed-sized crystals which are applied in a single layer.


With the 25 and 50 ASA films, you can produce nearly grain-less enlargements. The 25 ASA is the finest grain emulsion, with the classic characteristics of low-speed films. That means, for example, that the film is extremely sensitive to over-exposure, but still delivers good results in case of under-exposure.


The CHS 50 is as easy to work with as a medium speed film, but still gives you the extremely fine grain of a 50 ASA film. This makes the 50 ASA film an ideal all-round film. It produces an en equivalent tonal range and almost the same effective ASA as many modern 100 ASA films.


CHS 100 is the highest-speed of the ADOX CHS Series, and therefor also the grainiest. It has a very large exposure latitude, and as sheet film works especially well with staining developers such as ABC Pyro. As grain becomes far less of a concern in sheet film, the ADOX 100 sheet films offer an enormous advantage over modern fine-grain emulsions. The images are sharper, with richer gray tones, and have more shadow detail than with modern films.


ADOX films are produced in 35mm, 120 medium format, and sheet film formats. The medium format films are delivered in reuseable light-safe containers. The film can be safely stored in these containers after exposure.


Developing Times for CHS 25:


• R09 1+100, agitate for 10 seconds for each minute of developing, with 1 minute pre-soak.

(Grain structure, high accutance, increase in visual sharpness, actual speed of up to 80 ASA is possible, with a very nice gray tone and contrast curve.)

• ATM 49 1+2 dilution, 10 seconds agitation per minute. 1 Minute pre-soak.

(Very fine grain, low-contrast, and up to 40 ASA effective speed.)


Attention: all CHS films have their true rated speed. Please do not over-expose or overdevelop these films. The developing temperature should be maintained at exactly 20 degrees Celcius.


We recommend adding a hardener to the fixer solution, as well as careful hand development. For sheet film, be sure to pre-soak in order to evenly remove the extra gelatin coating.


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