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FOMA Bohemia Ltd. is a producer of photographic materials with long tradition. It has been founded in March 1995 through the privatization of the National Enterprise FOMA (FOTOCHEMA before 1990). FOMA Bohemia owns the filial companies FOTON A.S. in Poland, FOMA Slovakia Ltd. in Slovakia, FOMA RUS the Russian Federation and FOMAMURES S.R.L. in Romania. The service for customers has been offered at the FOMA's branded shops in Prague, Hradec Králové, Brno and Ostrava.

The History
The firm's origin is dated from 1921 when a company named FOTOCHEMA Ltd. in Hradec Králové has been founded. Its products were delivered with a brand name FOMA. At first only photographic plates and processing chemicals were produced. After a period of ten years the production of black-and-white papers and a year later the production of black-and-white roll films were opened. In 1949 after the National Enterprise FOTOCHEMA was established, the range of products has extended comprising X-ray films, black-and-white positive copy film, black-and-white papers for industrial use, black-and-white reversal film, colour paper, colour negative film and colour reversal film. After 1990 essential changes were made and the production of black-and-white light sensitive materials has become the dominant production program of the company.

Present times
At the present time at about 400 employees work for FOMA. At the same time as the new production tendency was defined, a lot of attention was paid to improvement of new technologies with an aim to develop materials of new generation to be able to stand up to competition with foreign materials on the market. Since September 1997, when this has been confirmed with a certificate all activities of FOMA comply with the international standard ISO 9001.

The actual offer of FOMA Bohemia Ltd comprises the following products
for amateur and professional photographers FOMAPAN black-and-white negative films, FOMASPEED black-and-white papers with fixed and variable contrast, FOMABROM black-and-white papers with fixed contrast, FOMATONE black-and-white papers with warm tone; – for medical use MEDIX X-ray films for medical use - for conventional and up-to-date diagnostic methods, in a wide choice of general and special types including dental X-ray films. – for industrial defectoskopy INDUX X-ray films for industrial use – for non-destructive testing (NDT), completed by an additional assortment of products, service and consulting; – for Graphic Arts photographic materials for exposing units, contact materials etc, service and consulting; – special materials papers and fotopapers for inkjet printers, films for dosimetry, black-and-white films for aerial photography, films for surveillance of indoor spaces and traffic, foil for use in criminal investigations, registration paper for tachographs of motorized rail vehicles; processing chemicals for all kinds of delivered materials as liquid concentrates or in solid form, toning solutions and wetting agents.
Fix gradation
Fix gradation

Multigrade papers
Multigrade papers


ars-imago international s.r.l.
Via Caio Mario 25
I-00192 Roma

Téléphone: +39 06 960 42 253

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ars-imago international s.r.l.
Via Caio Mario 23/25
I-00192 Roma

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